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FX Draw 6.001.11


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NameFX Draw 6.001.11
Size29.05 MB
Created on2016-02-18 13:52:19
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Name: FX Draw 6
Version: 6.001.11
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.7 and later (all versions since 2011)
Processor type(s) & speed:
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

What's New in FX Draw 6:
FX Draw 6 introduces 3D. 3D graphing and 3D rotatable objects. The graphing tool also adds arc length, volumes of solids of revolutions, variable controllers and rulers. FX Draw 6 also introduces a new dimensioning tool that can make drawing scale diagrams much easier. Add in new, more powerful line drawing tools and a host of minor tweaks and updates and you have a significant new version.

Read file .txt, please.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use, FX Draw provides a high-productivity drawing environment designed specifically for mathematics teachers. Quickly create high-quality diagrams for tests, exams, worksheets, web sites, presentations and demonstrations.

3D Graphing and Other Graphing Improvements
FX Draw can now graph in 3D. 3D Cartesian graphs are entered as z = x2/10-4sin y.

3D Polar Functions
Enter 3D polar functions using th for theta and ph for phi. For example: r=5sin 2th+5cos 3ph.

3D Points and Vectors
Use similar notation to 2D Points and Vectors. For example (1,2,3)+ >4,3,2<

3D Parametric Functions
Enter 3D parametric functions in terms of t. For example: x = 5 cos t; y = 5 sin t; z = 5 cos 3t

Volumes of Solids of Revolution
Right click on any integral to rotate it around the x or y axis.

Variable Controllers
FX Draw 6 adds controllers for any variables in your functions. This permits you to mark points and dynamically control how much of the graph is shown.

Arc/Curve Lengths
The arc length tool operates in an almost identical way to the integral tool but calculates the arc/curve length of the function. Select the arc length tool and sweep out the desired function.

The onscreen ruler allows you to show lengths on the 2D plane. Select the ruler tool and sweep out the line you wish to measure.

Minor Updates:
- Inverse secant, cosecant and cotangent graphs
- Ability to restrict graph to grid
- More control over decimal points for annotations
- Support for arg(z)
- Show direction of parameter on 2D parametric functions
- Add a k constant
- Use braces (eg {-2,2}) to restrict domain of a graph but mark end points with arrows.

Word Processors
Efofex products can integrate into most word processors but explicit support is provided for Microsoft Office 2007 and later.

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